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Understanding the Difference Between Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes

If you think that wireframes, mockups, and prototypes are the same things, think again. They are not the same despite falling under the same general area of software development, and they are sometimes addressed in context incorrectly. Ironically, even experienced designers use these terms interchangeably without even realizing it.

6 minute read
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Understanding UX/UI, and Why It Is So Important in Today’s Software Business Environment

UI and UX design are two of the most important, but often the most misunderstood components in today’s software environment, not because of what [we] think they should be, but because of what your customers think they should be.

8 minute read
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How the Medical Sector uses Mobile Technology to Improve Patient Care and Relationships

How mobile technology is being used to improve patient care and relationships.

8 minute read
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Five Questions Every Startup Should be Asking Before Starting a New Business

Starting a new business, whether online or offline, is a combination of both exhilaration and utter terror, often experienced at the exact same moment, repeatedly, daily and for the first few years.

7 minute read
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7 Must-Have Features You Must Include with Your E-Commerce Website

Did you know there are over 2.1 million e-commerce sites in the United States? That is one e-commerce site for every 95 adults in this country.

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Design Rush Names Data Titan Top 30 Web Design Company in Phoenix, Arizona

Data Titan has been recognized as one of the 2021 Top 30 Web Design Companies serving the Phoenix and Maricopa County marketplace.

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