About The Project

We designed this prototype application to showcase the craftsmanship of Jasper Watch Company, designed for the man looking for something more than a watch. Something beautiful and elegant --- that not only keep track of time but also tell a story.


Designing an eCommerce application for a men's watch company came with several challenges. One of these was creating an intuitive, visually appealing, and user-friendly interface. The application would also need to be secure and reliable to ensure that each customer's information was protected. Additionally, incorporating features such as customization options and virtual try-ons added useful functional complexity to the design and development process. Finally, optimizing the application for different devices and screen sizes was crucial to ensure accessibility for a broader range of users.

Key Challenges
  • Creating an intuitive and visually appealing interface that showcases the beauty and craftsmanship of men's watches.
  • Ensuring the application is secure and reliable for users to make purchases and protect their data.
  • Incorporating customization features and virtual try-ons to enhance each user experience.
  • Optimizing the application for different devices and screen sizes to ensure accessibility for a broader range of users.


To create a seamless buying experience for Jasper Watch Company customers, we designed a user-friendly interface with easy navigation to showcase our beautiful watches, including details, pricing, and delivery options. We integrated analytic tools to provide valuable insights into user preferences, enabling each user to make informed decisions. The prototype provided a comprehensive platform for watch lovers to buy, manage, and track their orders with ease.

Key Features
  • Product Catalog: The application offered a product catalog including all the available inventory, including detailed information about each watch's features, materials, manufacturing, country of origin, and pricing.
  • Customization: The application allows customers to customize their watches by choosing from various options, such as watch face, band material, color, and other features.
  • Ordering and Shipping: The application provided tools for ordering and shipping watches, including real-time order tracking, shipping notifications, and delivery status updates.


Our main objective with the Jasper Watch Company prototype was to showcase the craftsmanship of the company and its watches. With a modern and intuitive interface, this application's interface was designed to highlight the unique features and quality of men's watches.

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