About the Project

Stage IT is a professional prototype showing the products and services of a production rigging and project management company.  Core deliverables included the creation of a modern web-based consumer interface, producing a back-end interface where current and past projects could be managed, and providing an interface where customers could upload specifications and project requirements seamlessly so staff could provide bidding and scheduling information.


Like so many past projects, decisions had to be made based on features vs value vs costs.  We examined the ROI for components necessary for the project, but that might generate the required ROI to justify the development costs.  

Key Challenges
  • Challenge:  Creating a user-friendly platform with both a professional and appealing design.
  • Challenge:  Allowing consumers a simple interface design where they can navigate to "Past Projects", "Learn More" or go directly to a project specifications and submittal screen.
  • Challenge:  To ensure the site showcases previous staging and rigging projects highlighting the company's capabilities. 


The solution included the development of a prototype design so the customer could identify needed changes and functionality requirements before the start of any work.  Everyone understood that creating a prototype first would, in the end, save thousands of dollars in lost production and development time, saving the customer thousands of dollars, and bringing a solution to market more quickly than the "code and pray" model to development.

Key Features
  • Ability to view past projects in the "Showcase"
  • Online specifications upload and bidding estimation tools
  • Submit business proposals and RFQ information
  • Provide video upload from the AI module so potential customers are able to view past work and create new ideas for their projects.


The key result was to develop a prototype design for a staging and rigging company that achieved two main objectives. First was to provide a clean interface design so visitors to the site could navigate without any confusion and to and from anywhere in the site.  Second was to offer the ability for potential customers to upload their specification documents or RFQs, and for AI staff to receive, analyze and communicate through the SaaS questions and wants.  

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