About The Project

Golfscape is a prototyped application showcasing golf course design services, specializing in innovative and sustainable solutions.  For this project, the prototype goals include was to produce an innovative SaaS platform that showcases the design process for golf courses, allowing end clients to transform their visions into reality. Whether sourcing premium materials, optimizing course layouts, or projecting costs and timeframes, Golfscape's cutting-edge technology was created to demonstrate end-to-end solutions for designing and constructing world-class golf courses.


During the design process of this SaaS prototype, the team had to take on various challenges demanding creative solutions and careful consideration. One significant hurdle was capturing the intricacies and nuances of golf course design within the prototype. To meet this challenge, we opted to use the SaaS Administrator Interface as a tool to explain the intricate process of design and prompt perspective golf course developers to complete a requirements survey as part of the onboarding process. With this starting point in mind, end clients and architects would be able to communicate more effectively, and among all participants in a project, including the landscape architects, end clients, and golf professionals hired as consultants for the project. Overcoming these obstacles required research, iterative designs, and close collaboration with industry experts.

Key Challenges
  • Create a user-friendly platform with both a professional and eye-catching design.
  • Offer information on the golf course design process with a user-friendly interface.
  • Offering end clients a platform where they can express their needs and wants of a course design.
  • Ensuring the site showcases previous projects that highlight capabilities.


The solution included a prototype design that included a professional design, a "User Interface", as well as an "Architect Interface" and an "Administrator Interface", all dynamically connected to present information in a clear manner, incorporating toolsets for user input, and showcasing previous projects for context.

Key Features
  • User-friendly platform: The Golfscape prototype offers a user-friendly platform with a professional and visually appealing design, ensuring an engaging experience for users.
  • Clear information presentation: Present information on the golf course design process in a clear and user-friendly manner, making it easy for users to advance to the next step(s).
  • Personalized user input: Included user-friendly forms allowing users to supply their needs and preferences, enabling a personalized and tailored approach to their golf course design.
  • Showcase of capabilities: Provided a dedicated section on its website showcasing previous projects, including detailed descriptions, landscape renderings, visuals, and client testimonials, highlighting the company's expertise and capabilities in golf course design.


The application's final prototype produced a clean, user-centric design that aligned with users' preferences. The SaaS features included tools and component architecture to allow seamless communication and effective teamwork among stakeholders and end clients. Overall, the Golfscape SaaS prototype delivered exactly for what we had hoped, producing an efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and collaborative interface to promote golf course design.

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