About The Project

Fire Prevent’s prototype was designed to provide subscribers and forestry services with current wildfire situations across California, Arizona, and Nevada. It was designed to provide real-time reporting and personalized notifications. With live update posting controls, anyone is able to stay aware of active fires and take necessary precautions to evacuate the area. This application also provided helpful information on how to prepare for a wildfire, including evacuation routes and emergency contacts, how to safely start and put out fires, and other informative tips about fire safety.


One of the biggest challenges in designing an application of this type was creating an alert system that informs users of nearby fires in real time, ensuring that the information provided is accurate, up-to-date, and proximity relevant. This required access to real-time data from reliable sources, as well as sophisticated algorithms and analytics to process and interpret that data.

Another challenge was designing a user-friendly interface accessible to a wide range of users, including those with different levels of technical expertise and varying degrees of familiarity with fire safety protocols. The application needed to be intuitive and easy to use, while also providing clear and concise information that users are able to understand and act on quickly in a potentially life-threatening situation.

Key Challenges
  • Ensuring real-time and accurate fire data.
  • Developing a user-friendly interface that anyone older than 10 could read and use.
  • Ensuring the application is scalable for a high volume of users during a crisis.
  • Incorporating complex data from multiple sources to provide reliable and accurate information.


Designing the Fire Prevent application to keep people informed about current wildfires required research to identify what platform(s) would be best suited for the project. The UI/UX architecture posed its own set of challenges, but after several meetings with the Ops team, we were able to craft a simple yet creative design that works. We implemented colors that reflected fires, like charcoal grey, red, and orange to immerse the user. We also simplified actions the user can take within the app to allow for a range of users to feel comfortable navigating within the application. To add depth to the project, we added GPS functionality to allow users to see the distance of fires around them, along with information reported on the fires by other users and authorities.

Key Features
  • Real-Time Updates: Fire Prevent provides real-time updates on the proximity of nearby fires, ensuring users stay informed and prepared.
  • Push Notifications: With customizable alerts and notifications, Fire Prevent keeps users up-to-date on fire risks in their area directly to their home screen.
  • GPS Functionality: The app's interactive map allowed users to easily track the spread of fires and identify evacuation routes.
  • Education: Fire Prevent's comprehensive fire safety resources educate users on prevention and preparedness measures.
  • Simple Interface: The app's user-friendly interface makes it easy for users of all ages and backgrounds to stay informed.
  • Self Reporting: Fire Prevent's report feature allows users to share information and report fires to alert others and authorities.


Our core goal in developing this prototype was to showcase wildfire information in a modern and usable mobile app. We dedicated a lot of time to the project to showcase our technical breadth. If you want an innovative and user-friendly application similar to Fire Prevent, we are here to help!

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