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AirWest Design is a revolutionary SaaS prototype application that simplifies the interior design and refurbishment process for aircraft. Our team of experts have developed a powerful tool that allows designers and manufacturers to collaborate seamlessly, from initial designs to final installation. With AirWest Design, businesses can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and deliver stunning aircraft interiors that exceed customer expectations. Our innovative software has already transformed the industry, and we are committed to continuing to develop cutting-edge solutions that drive success for our clients.


Throughout the design process for Airwest, we faced several challenges. Firstly, we had to consider the unique constraints and regulations that come with designing for a confined space such as an aircraft cabin. We also had to incorporate the latest technology and materials to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. Additionally, we faced the challenge of providing a customizable and scalable solution to suit the diverse needs of our clients. Despite these challenges, we were able to successfully develop an innovative and streamlined application that revolutionizes the process of getting your aircraft interiors designed and refurbished.

Key Challenges
  • Meeting safety regulations: One of the biggest challenges of designing an app for aircraft interiors is ensuring that all designs comply with aviation safety regulations.
  • Providing customization options: Aircraft interiors can vary widely in terms of size, shape, and configuration, so providing a range of customization options that work across different aircraft models and types can be a challenge.
  • Integrating with other systems: Aircraft interiors are complex systems that often include a range of different components and technologies.
  • Minimizing costs and waste: Refurbishing or upgrading an aircraft interior can be a costly and time-consuming process, so your app should aim to minimize costs and waste wherever possible.


To meet safety regulations, AirWest can integrate safety features and provide design templates that comply with regulatory requirements. By working closely with aircraft manufacturers and maintenance providers, AirWest can offer a range of customization options tailored to different aircraft models. AirWest can integrate with other aircraft systems and technologies by partnering with industry leaders and developing its own proprietary technology. To minimize costs and waste, AirWest can offer innovative design solutions that use existing components or materials and optimize the refurbishment process by providing detailed refurbishment plans and collaborating with maintenance providers to minimize downtime.

Key Features
  • Customizable design templates: AirWest offers a range of customizable design templates that users can tailor to their specific aircraft models and configurations.
  • 3D visualization tools: AirWest can provide 3D visualization tools that allow users to see their designs in a realistic, interactive format.
  • Collaboration tools: AirWest offers collaboration tools that allow users to work with maintenance providers, aircraft manufacturers, and other stakeholders to ensure that designs are safe, functional, and compatible with other aircraft systems and technologies.
  • Cost optimization tools: AirWest provides cost optimization tools that help users minimize costs and waste during the refurbishment or upgrade process.


Our main objective with AirWest is to provide aircraft owners, operators and maintenance providers with a comprehensive solution for refurbishing, upgrading and designing their aircraft interiors. Our team has dedicated a significant amount of time and effort to developing an innovative and user-friendly platform that allows you to customize your aircraft interior design with ease, collaborate with maintenance providers and aircraft manufacturers, and integrate with other aircraft systems and technologies. With a modern and intuitive interface, AirWest is designed to simplify the aircraft interior refurbishment and upgrade process. If you want a customizable and scalable platform that simplifies your aircraft interior design and refurbishment process, AirWest is here to help!

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